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Welcome to World Wellness Marketing


VISION: World Wellness Marketing (WWM) is basically a innovative concept for revolution
of World Wellness Programs to create Wellness and global Well-Being.

MISSON: Our mission is to create Wellness Awareness among one Billion People by 2020 by making Wellness and Well-being an integral part of their everyday living and create vibrant Wellness energy across the globe.

A Few Words: WWM applies a simple and powerful formula for spreading its mission and it encourages all the conscious individuals to voluntarily enroll themselves as ‘Wellness Volunteers’ and makes a demand to live and propagate the 10Commandments of Wellness Lifestyle through social networking. Its approach is even simpler. It propagate ‘Each One Teach Ten’ our Wellness Tips in 10 days and empower those 10 to duplicate you’ mantra.

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TOP 10 WAYS TO LOWER CHOLESTEROL:- 1.Increase the intake of fibre in your diet. 2.Include foods that give you antioxidants. 3.Reduce your consumption of meat. 4.Lose some weight. 5.Get moving. 6.Avoid saturated fat. 7.Include fish in your diet. 8.Get plenty of fruits and vegetables. 9.Eat nuts. 10.Quit smoking.
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